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Why Rice Husk?

Chemical Content of Rice Husk

The percentage of silica content varies from 90-98% with the change of region. The silica obtained is very largely amorphous. - IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry

Market Market Size Market Trend Challenge
Rice Producer 496 Growing Husk utilization
Oat Producer 22 Stable No challenge
Barley Producer 140 Growing Lack of Barley for beer production after beer utilization

Application of Silicon Dioxide

Source: Based on actual tests and EEM research

Characteristics of Silicon Dioxide

The characteristics of the produced silicon dioxide, depending on the production stage, are presented in the table.

The composition and properties Unit SiO2 96% SiO2 99,99%
Powder Color Light Gray Snow White
pH (5 g / 100 ml H2O) 9,5 — 10,6 5,5 — 8,0
Surface area (BET analysis) m2 / g 167 350-600
Moisture content, % (2 hours at 105 °C) [%] 1 10-27
Loss on ignition (2 hours 1000 °C) [%] 1,5 13-30
Total content of water-soluble salts [%] 5,3 ≤ 2
Carbon content [%] 1,5 ≤ 0,01
SiO2 content [%] 96,06 99,99
Na2O content [%] 0,11 Not detected
MgO content [%] 0,39 Not detected
CaO content [%] 0,61 Not detected
K2O content [%] 1,98 Not detected
Cl content [%] 0,12 Not detected
Al2O3 content [%] 0 Not detected
P2O5 content [%] 0,31 Not detected
SO3 content [%] 0,08 Not detected
MnO content [%] 0,11 Not detected
Mass fraction of residue on sieving on a sieve 75μm [%] 22 4-16
FeO impurity [%] 0,23 Not detected
Size of nanoparticles nm 0,23 Not detected
Size of nanoparticles nm Not detected 15-50

Source: Based on actual tests and EEM research

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EEM’s Gas Specification

Component N2 CO CO2 H2 CH4 C2 H4 , C2 H6 , C2 H2
Composition 71% 12% 11% 4%
together less than 1%

The characteristics of the produced silicon dioxide,
purity of 99.99%

During the implementation of the company's projects, amorphous silica was obtained, with a purity of 99.99%, with a surface area of 350-600 m2 / g (BET analysis). Setting up the equipment allows to produce a product with the different characteristics, depending by the preferences of the customer.

A highly developed surface determines the excellent sorption properties of silicon dioxide. It can selectively absorb from the environment or bind gases, vapors and dissolved substances. In the synthesis of amorphous silicon dioxide, is possible to preset the surface parameters (modify the surface) and thereby obtain a product with selective sorption. Chemical neutrality and the huge surface area of the resulting amorphous silica are able to impart new characteristics to different compositions, materials, products without changing their chemical properties

The large specific surface area of the resulting silica is an excellent material for modification. The modification of the silica particles with various modifying agents imparts new properties to the composite material.

For example, the use of composite materials based on silicon dioxide can increase the resistance to scratching and abrasion and the hardness of organically soluble 2K polyurethane coatings by 110%. The content of 5-10% per formulation is generally sufficient to obtain these advantages without impairing transparency, gloss, resistance to water condensate and adhesion of the coating.

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